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Welcome to Yoga Energy School

Not your typical new-age Ayurveda and Yoga school based on veganism and mysticism. You will learn Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy in their original forms which will give you and your community the ability to thrive. -Tim & Vie


"I am lucky to have met you. It is so refreshing to have a mentor like you who is not in this for anything other than the love of sharing Ayurveda and Yoga. Over the 23 years that I have now been practicing, teaching, learning....I have come across so many egotistical, jaded, sex appeal, etc.....and you are both truly inspiring - thank you for this amazing training!"
“You never know what you are going to get with online training but wow it beat my expectations dramatically. This is way more than a full college course. ”
"The videos were delightful!  The online quizzes were based upon the videos and reading, correct responses were acknowledged and quizzes were automatically graded so that one could move on to the next module.  The Ayurveda portion of the course was outstanding. It really gave me the opportunity to challenge myself with the didactic knowledge and personal application of my learning. I am anxious to learn more about Ayurvedic concepts and practice. Thanks again Vie and Tim! I look forward to life-long learning with you."
Tim and Vie are amazing at what they do! They are very dedicated to studying and researching about every aspect of the topic they are teaching/training. They deliver trainings in personal, practical, educated and adaptable manner.  They strive to make you successful and the best trainer you can be.  I Have been in the fitness industry over 15 years and have done tons of trainings and certifications Tim and Vie are my most beneficial training courses! I have done all Standup Paddleboard certifications, 200 Yoga and now 300 Hour yoga/Ayurveda Trainings and each one I have gained so much knowledge in each topic but more importantly become a better trainer to share with the community! Plus they are fun too!  You will not be disappointed worth the investment!
I have done multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings over the years and also have practiced yoga even longer. I decided to do a 200hr with Vie and Tim to get a little more information on Ayurveda and their style of teaching Yoga. I can not say enough on how knowledgeable and thorough they both are. Our discussions were and are always engaging and they both have so much experience linked to modern science and history. I am now continuing with them to do the 3oo hr. I highly recommend Yoga Energy (Tim and Vie), to anyone looking at expanding their awareness and understanding on how to lead people through a practice and also broaden their own practice.
I recently completed an online 300 hour yoga teacher training with Vie and Tim.  I LOVE that the approach was 100% adult learning. When I was interested in something beyond what was in the curriculum, I was enthusiastically encouraged to pursue the knowledge, experience etc. and then to share with my teachers.  Learning the theoretical underpinnings of Power Yin, how to do the poses and incorporate them into classes was an extraordinary opportunity to diversify my teaching. The Ayurveda portion of the course gave me the opportunity to challenge myself with the didactic knowledge and personal application of my learning.  If you are at all on the fence about ayurveda and yoga teacher training from Vie and Tim, contact them to arrange a phone call. Their enthusiasm and dedication to your learning is infectious!

You may delay, but time will not. -Benjamin Franklin

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